ORA-01033 : file 1 needs media recovery

Possbile Solutions: Basically your system.dbf is corrupted / incomplete.. needs recovery1. kill all connects from OS level2. ps -ef |grep pmonans kill the database service that is running…3. Do you have any RMAN backup or archivelogs?If YES – Recover database with the archivelogsif NO – try to recover using all the redo logs..Commnad: recover database … continue reading


NOARCHIVELOG Database Recovery

NOARCHIVELOG DATABASE RECOVERY VIA RMAN Your database is running in No Archive log mode and you have daily/weekly RMAN backup configured. One fine day, your server crashed and you lose one of the disks or all the disks. You have no other option but to restore the whole database backup to point of last valid … continue reading


Recover Oracle database from a corrupt or missing control file

This article will detail about the recovery of oracle database due to loss or corrupt of control file under two senario 1. Corrupt or Missing of Control File 2.  All control files are corrupt or missing If you don’t know the location of the control file as well as multiplexing of the control file click … continue reading

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