ORA-01033 : file 1 needs media recovery


Possbile Solutions:

Basically your system.dbf is corrupted / incomplete.. needs recovery
1. kill all connects from OS level
2. ps -ef |grep pmon

ans kill the database service that is running…
3. Do you have any RMAN backup or archivelogs?
If YES – Recover database with the archivelogs
if NO – try to recover using all the redo logs..
Commnad: recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;
and manually give the path of individual redo log files..
if you dont have backup, if system.dbf needs more recovery post applying all redo logs files… Then its Just Game Over!! You have reached a dead end…
hope this helps….


Next Solution : 

try giving below command 
sql> recover datafile 1;

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