Daily Activities of Oracle Database Administrator

Daily Work of DBA:

Check the Database Availability
Check the Listener Availability
Monitoring space Availability
Viewing the Alert log file to analyze the ORA errors if any.
Check tablespaces should not be used more that 95%.
Viewing the temporary files, through the DBA_TEMP_FILES.
Daily resolving the tickets by using Remedy ticketing tool.
Taking backups by using RMAN on daily and weekly basis.
Check all last night backups were successful.
Health check of the Database.
Rebuilding of Indexes, if bulk load of data is inserted.
Backing up the archive log files.
Monitoring Backups.
Take a COLD/RMAN backups at night time.
Validate Database backup or Archive backup
Find objects which is going to reach max extents
Database Health Check
CPU, Processor, Memory usage

Weekly Work of DBA:

1: Growth of the Database.
2: Total full backup of the database through hot backup.
3: Taking logical backups, in case of physical backups failure.
4: Taking weekly Tablespace backup.

Monthly Work of DBA:

1: Index Rebuild.
2: Tablespace Reorganization.

Quarterly Work of DBA:

1: Patching
2: Database Reorganization

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